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I envision myself working with a team to problem solve the best practices in technology enabled learning. Through a combination of applied experience, consultation and research, I would like to assist learners in their current technology usage and find more efficient ways to learn and apply knowledge.

I have always had a passion for team work. A team of individuals brings a wealth of diverse experiences and knowledge to maximize a learning environment. This collaborative settings is ideal for a variety of environments. Based on learning theory and my own action research, collaboration can assist learners to retain information more readily and easily.

After spending a few years in the classroom, I have learned how to manage situational analysis, and discover ways to better meet the needs of multiple learners. The process of differentiation can be applied to assessment to maximize performance. Not every individual has the same starting point. I enjoy spending time getting to know an individual to best meet that person's specific requirements. Combine our diverse population with the ever-changing needs of today's society and you will find yourself inundated by information. I thrive in environments where decisions need to be made with precision and speed. There are always time constraints in the classroom; it is in these pressure situations I feel I am inspired and optimistically pursue my goal.

Working with several different professional development partners has focused me on facilitating the development of new approaches to learning. The modification of the state frameworks with state specialists and sharing the findings with the school staff has given me the rewarding experience of improving existing practices to create better learning environments. My role as the complex teacher mentor working with new teachers on campus was gratifying. I was finally in a position to share my experiences and assist in implementation and adaptation of solutions to meet specific situations for other teachers. I enjoyed sitting in with the professional development team designing curriculum for new teachers and mapping templates for effective instruction with reflection.

My ultimate goal would be to perform follow up assessment and reflection to drive future innovation and development. It is rewarding to see an individual or organization improve over time and adapt to a better system. I feel confirmed by the results of excellence to continue pushing through obstacles to see a project or product to its conclusion.

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